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Will I Get Wet?

Australian radar forecast. Select your nearest location below. Note, for the desktop browser version, see



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About WiGW

This application forecasts the radar imagery up to 2 hours into the future for most of the radar locations available from the BoM. This application, and the data it generates is still under active development.


A few notes and tips on using the web app :


* Pinch to zoom in and out on the radar on iOS devices, you can use the +/- buttons in the top left on Android

* You can pan the image around by dragging it with your finger once you zoom in a little

* You can tap the screen anywhere on the radar image to start/stop the animation, as well as use the 3 buttons in the bottom right.

* On iOS if you 'Add to Home Screen' on one of the radar pages, then that page will then come up as your default radar

* If you give the app your location, then a little green marker should show you where you are relative to the rain (assuming you are within the area of the map shown)

* This is intended to be used as a tool to make it easier to make your own decision as to when it may get wet with your are. Make sure you check the official BoM for official warnings


Please let us know if you have any comments or queries on this app at